Every Moment can be enhanced by the perfect wine. Discover wines that pair with movies, music, and more with the Coravin Moments App.
Introducing the Coravin Moments App

Coravin Moments is your one stop for everything wine. Explore unique wine pairings to try at home, capture and visualize your wine collection, edit Moments to make them your own, connect to your Coravin Model Eleven, and even shop Coravin all in one place.

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  • Explore Coravin Moments

    Moments combine wine with movies, food, TV shows, music, and more!

    Every Moment is paired with a flight of wines. Tap a wine to learn more about that wine and even buy a bottle through the App.

  • Visualize Your Wine Collection

    Wines added to your collection will be visualized on a Flavor Map. You can filter by favorites, type of wine, and more.

    Your wines, represented by bubbles, are placed on the Map from light to bold and fruity to earthy.

  • Capture Your Wine

    Take pictures of your wines to add them to your collection.

    The App will recognize the wine by its label and information about your wine will appear.

  • Edit Moments

    Edit any curated Moment to make it your own.

    Select a wine to edit and change it to a wine you own or a wine you love.

  • Connect Your Model Eleven

    Wirelessly connect to your Coravin Model Eleven System and add to ‘My Systems.’

    Optimize use of your Coravin Pure™ Capsules by tracking gas levels. Scroll down to order replacement Capsules and Needles.


Discover all this and more when you download the Coravin Moments App.

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